steinwallIn 1983, After working as a certified public accountant for several years, Maureen Steinwall jumped at the opportunity to come on board at the company her father had built in 1965 in Fridley, Minnesota. Maureen's goals started simply stated, "I wanted to play the game of business. As a CPA, I was a scorekeeper, not a player in the game of business. I wanted to control my career and I had a love for engineering."

In 1985, she became president and in 1987 purchased the stock of the plastics molding company, Steinwall, Inc., then achieving about $1 million in sales with twenty-four employees. Today, the company has achieved $11 million in sales and employs 100 people, of which, Maureen boasts, "10% have four-year degrees and another 10% have two-year degrees."

"I enjoy watching people grow. And, I love the creative process of manufacturing. I love entrepreneurship, small business, and making a positive impact on people's lives."

Steinwall currently operates out of three buildings. A 52,000 square foot building which was built in 1994 and then linked to a neighboring building in 2000 which added 16,000 square feet. In 2004, with a SBA 504 loan from CMDC, Maureen added 18,000 square feet to her complex, which now totals 88,000 square feet, which serves as office space, warehouse, and manufacturing.

Looking back on her goals, Maureen reflects, "I attained my goals. I proved I could play the game. My kids are raised, obtained my PhD and am teaching two classes at the University of Minnesota and the University of Phoenix."

Steinwall, Inc. manufactures plastic components for over 20 industries, one of which is John Deere. They are process engineers, injection molders, and mold makers. It has been a Certified Women's Business Enterprise since 2001.

"CMDC is straightforward. They made the process almost simple and definitely painless. They did their due diligence. Without the program, I couldn't have grown."

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Steinwall, Inc.
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Minneapolis, MN 55448
Telephone: 763.767.7060
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