Seacole Small Business Loan MN Borrower1With a deep understanding of what clients need and a vision for a product range that offers both breadth and depth, Gregg Elliott set out to build a manufacturing and distribution business with a focus on customer service and quality chemical products to serve the needs of a variety of companies and industries.

Gregg was born and raised in Minnesota with a family history in manufacturing. His long tenure in the chemical industry, both in manufacturing and distribution, set the stage for the establishment of Seacole in 2002 and the acquisition of Circuit Research Corporation (CRC) that same year. The business grew rapidly and he realized the need for a corporate office, manufacturing facility, and warehouse that was large enough to accommodate the multitude of industrial-sized containers, manufacturing equipment, and increased staff.

With the guidance of his banker, Gregg began working with CMDC to secure an SBA loan to purchase a facility in Plymouth that was the perfect size, layout, and location for his business to expand and meet the needs of its rapid growth.