Jamhops CMDC LargeCMDC congratulates Jam Hops Gymnastics Factory on its 25th year of being in business.Jam Hops Gymnastics Factory was formed in 1997 with the merger of two gymnastics programs. Over the years, the business grew and then outgrew its facility with new programs and students. In 2014 their programs were spread out among three different locations. With assistance from CMDC, Jam Hops built and moved into a new 43,000 square foot mega-complex in 2017 to house all of their programs at one location. Today, they offer gymnastics, Ninja Zone, cheer, dance, theater, academic preschool, day camps, birthday parties, activities, and more! 

In 2019, Jam Hops opened its second location in Anoka for gymnastics and also built a theater to house Upstage Productions children's theater in the Anoka location.

In 2020, Jam Hops owner, Brenda Nolby was named the Minnesota Small Businessperson of the Year. “The main factors that have contributed to the success and growth of Jam Hops are the focus placed on our culture, and the passion we have for what we do,” said Brenda Nolby, CEO of Jam Hops. “By providing a workplace that set high standards and supports a strong work ethic that will create future leaders, I believe that we’re making an important contribution to our community.” 

As Jam Hops continues to grow, the purpose of the business will not change. Jam Hops will continue to seek out ways to engage children in activities that aid in their overall development. Jam Hops also continues to assist parents with affordable, quality options for their children to participate in a fun, safe atmosphere.

CMDC is proud to highlight Jam Hops.“We congratulate the business and its over 150 employees on their 25th Anniversary,” said CMDC President Mike Mulrooney.“Small businesses make up the fabric of our communities and create most job opportunities in our nation. Over the last two years, they have faced unprecedented challenges, and their grit and determination should be an inspiration to all of us” he said.